Wednesday Workshop

Healthy Workplace Culture Requires Awareness by All

Too often, the work of improving organizational culture focuses on what leadership alone should do to make improvements for the whole. This session will focus on a framework that invites everyone within the organization to examine his/her contributions to the culture and engage all team members in the work of improvement. We will explore the “seven-level energy” framework to support increased awareness by individuals and teams, leading to shifting cultures from one of blame and compliance to individual accountability and commitment.

Session Objectives

  1. Have exposure to the seven levels of energy and their influence on organizational culture.
  2. Explore adaptive behaviors hindering individual, team, and organizational progress.
  3. Hear how other organizations are utilizing this work with performance reviews and to support the growth of all personnel.

Tamara Lindholm

Tamara, a renowned speaker, leadership coach, consultant, and Director of INspired Leadership at ESSDACK, leads a collaborative effort to foster workplace awareness. The INspired Leadership team, armed with a unique attitudinal assessment, conducts culture audits, provides leadership training, and offers individual and group coaching. Organizations consistently report a transformation from dissatisfaction and conflict to a culture of satisfaction and collaboration leading to more productivity and innovation. She believes this work is a gift. A gift of awareness and if individuals and teams choose to use it, they can expect to have healthier relationships, stronger engagement, and decreased stress.

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