Thursday Lunch Keynote

Leadership From the Ledge:

7 Communications Lessons for HR Professionals from a Hostage Negotiator

Managing human conflict in the workplace can feel like an emotional bull-ride! Come learn how to rope and ride in the corporate rodeo from a veteran hostage negotiator. Learn the basic principles of human collabor

Session Objectives

  1. 7 emotional communications principles that can guide us in making good decisions when working with others
  2. 2 resources that humans use to make decisions, even really bad decisions, and which resource we must master to improve decisions for everyone.
  3. Empathy, what it is, why we need it and why it is dangerous
  4. Trust, and whether we need it
    The 5 steps that precede collaboration
  5. Methods to manage challenging emotions and behavior with communications that convey respect!

Dan Oblinger

Dan Oblinger, a multifaceted professional, transforms individuals into exceptional negotiators and communicators. His diverse background includes roles as a hostage negotiator, human trafficking investigator, HR consultant, international speaker, best-selling author, and more. He specializes in delivering impactful keynotes, workshops, and coaching, while also creating internal negotiation programs for companies. Dan’s expertise extends to both professional and personal spheres, as the skills he imparts can enhance profits at work and strengthen agreements in daily life. With a unique blend of experiences and high-energy humor, he has been serving corporate audiences since 2008 and is a respected leader in leadership and management training. Dan is the author of three books and a graduate of the FBI National Crisis Negotiator Course. He resides in Kansas with his wife and six children.

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